We are designers and every piece in our range is designed in house in our studio.

Our focus is always on design, the best quality and attention to detail. Creating simple products that are classic and timeless but still make a statement. 

Our inspiration comes from lots of places, something we've spotted, something we've found, a memory or a note in a sketchbook. Inspiration strikes and then our training as designers kicks in and we work it up to a finished product. 

image of design sketch for argyle scarf

We sketch our ideas on paper first. Old school. We are still quicker at drawing by hand than drawing on CAD. Each design is then discussed and discussed, thankfully we agree often and when we disagree it is usually for the best. 

Then we test the pattern with a swatch and a create a prototype using our domestic knitting machines we've had since college. Sometimes we cut the repeating element and shapes from paper to test patterns at full scale to see if it works. 

Working with colour is the best part of the design process. We only use premium yarns from the some of the best yarn mills in the world, located in Scotland and England. We combine tried and tested classic colour combinations but also love to create new off beat mixes...we just know when we like it!

Finally we create a spec sheet and put it into work with our hand picked selection of makers to expertly produce and hand finish to the highest standards. 

Then we package it up so it arrives looking beautiful and it becomes something you treasure and your friends covet!

Alan + Emma xxx