We want your new product to age as gracefully as you will. 

There are a few hints and tips to get the best out of your product


This is a natural product and has already been washed in pure Scottish water to give it a luxuriously soft feel. The main danger for these products is that you accidentally boil wash in a washing machine and the product shrinks beyond recognition. This is called felting, not great for your product and pretty much irreversible. 

Please follow the care instructions. We suggest that your Merino Lambswool product should not need washing that much. One of the magical properties of lambswool is that it doesn't hold onto odours and dirt so keeps itself pretty clean. Should you need to wash it please either wash very delicately by hand or use the approved machine wool wash cycle at a low temperature and gentle cycle.  This is gentle enough not to felt the fibres. Do not be tempted to use the tumble dryer. 

Pilling is the technical term for getting little bobbles on the surface of a knitted fabric, this occurs naturally after wearing. We use a quality mill to spin our lambswool so pilling is kept to a minimum however if it does occur then the best way to deal with it is to invest in a pilling comb or a bobble remover - easy to find online. 


We use a wool silk blend for our range of printed scarves. The wool / silk blend fabric is luxuriously soft and lightweight with a very subtle matte finish. The natural quality and colour of the wool gives the print a vintage finish. We suggest that dry cleaning is the best option to care for this fabric.