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Knitted accessories from the world renowned Scottish Borders knitted with Merino lambswool created in a mill who have been spinning in Yorkshire since 1766.
Pure Irish Linen from a mill steeped in tradition and knowledge and used in our hand finished scarves and ties made in Northern Ireland.
Leather goods that are bench made in the Heart of England featuring solid brass components cast in an English foundry.
Waxed Cotton dyed, finished and waxed in Scotland since 1864 constructed into hats and bags by a family business who have been making hats for generations.
We've even found the last remaining British zip manufacturer and use these on our bags.
When we first graduated and started working in fashion most companies were well on their way to move production offshore to gain advantages in other labour markets that were rapidly expanding at the time. We both spent time in lots of locations round the globe working with wonderful people and in wonderful places and too much time in airports.
In a global marketplace it was easy to forget that quality products are still made close to home.
We committed at the start that we wanted to make as locally as we could and set about searching for materials and manufacturing partners. 
We searched far and wide and found some great family run businesses that are still excelling in making in the British Isles. We have developed a relationship with all our makers and they have spent time sharing some of their wisdom so we can design products that are British Made.