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When we first graduated and started working in fashion most companies were well on their way to move production offshore to gain advantages in other labour markets that were rapidly expanding at the time. We both spent time in lots of locations round the globe working with wonderful people and in wonderful places and too much time in airports.
In a global marketplace it was easy to forget that quality products are still made close to home.
We committed at the start that we wanted to make as locally as we could and set about searching for materials and manufacturing partners. 
Scotland has always had a tradition of producing knitwear. Globally renowned and synonymous with quality. 
We searched far and wide and found some great family run businesses that are still excelling in making in Scotland. We have developed a relationship with all our makers and they have spent time sharing some of their wisdom so we can design products that are Made in Scotland
Our aim is to use the skills and workmanship of these makers and design beautiful contemporary product with an emphasis on quality. 
Scotland is the home of a rich heritage of patterns used in textiles and knitwear. From Fair isle to Argyle we love them all. We love to play with pattern, with scale and repeated elements to create a new way to look at pattern. 
We enjoy what colour can do when designing from classic combinations to experimenting with off beat mixes to create something unexpected.